The 'follow-up content' functionality allows you to ask questions or show content that follow up on the answers that end users have given - just like you would in a real conversation. Creating follow-up content means making any type of field dependent on a question. Follow-up content only appears to users, when they’ve given a certain answer in a previous multiple choice question.

For example: if the end user answers 'yes' to 'Do you like the colour green?', you could ask 'What do you like about green?'. If the end user answered 'no', you could ask 'What don't you like about green?' instead.

How to create follow-up content

Step 1 

Make sure you have a question with a 'multiple answer possible' or 'only one answer possible' answer. 

Step 2

Create your follow-up content: this can be any field-type. In this example, I choose an open question.

Step 3

Click the follow-up icon at the bottom right-hand side of the field to open the follow-up options.

Step 4 

Select a previous question field from the drop down menu. This is the original question you want the follow-up to react to. And then set the conditions for your follow-up content. 

In this example the follow-up question appears when the client answers 'Yes' to the question 'Did the exercise help you?'

Step 5

Check your follow-up content. Once you've successfully created follow-up content, you'll see the follow-up icon appear on the left-hand side of the question you defined as follow-up content in preview-mode. In preview-mode you can test if the follow-up content appears when giving the answer.