The action plan is a tool that can be triggered from a module and appears on the client's homepage. In an action plan, the client sets a goal and devises steps that can be taken on the way to the goal. As a client, you can easily track your progress in the app and come up with new steps on the way to your goal.

 If you want to activate an action plan from a mobile module, you do this by building in a trigger.

Where do you build the trigger?

You add the trigger to a normal page.


When does the trigger go off?

The trigger fires when the end user passes the page where the trigger is placed.


How do you build the trigger?

You build a trigger in a few steps. First, check whether you have the editor and release manager roles by clicking on your profile. Check 'groups' to see if you have the role 'editor' and 'release manager'. Isn't this the case? Approach the administrator of your CMS so that you can be assigned the role.


Step 1 

You build a trigger in the raw code of your module. To get to the raw code you need to be in edit mode. When you are in this mode, remove all your text in the URL after the word 'json'. After removing this text, add '/edit' to the URL. See image:

Afbeelding met schermafbeelding

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving


After removing this text, add '/edit' to the URL:


Step 2

Now you are in the raw code of your module. If you look closely you can recognize the different elements of your  in the code. Scroll to the page where you want to add the trigger. You can recognize the end of a page by the text "type": "page". Everything above that belongs to this page.


Step 3

The correct place for the trigger is after the text: “"title": “…”. This is located above the "type": "page" piece of the page in question. Add the code below:

            "triggers": [

"type": "plan", 

"subtype": "action plan", 

"title": "Insert title here"




Step 4

Give the action plan a name on the place that says 'Insert title here”.


Step 5

All you have to do now is click 'save and preview' and the trigger is ready. When you're back in normal editing mode, a lightning bolt icon will show that the trigger has been added successfully. From now on you can navigate directly to the raw code by clicking on this lightning bolt. You no longer have to edit the URL to get there.

Do you want to trigger an action plan somewhere else in the module? You can! You can go through the same steps again.