In the CMS you can create different types of content. Every type of content has it own purpose. When you start to make content, carefully think about what you need.  We can divide the content types in 2 categories: mobile app based and web based content.

Mobile app based content

With these types you can create content that can be used in the Minddistrict app by clients. The content will also be available on the web for clients! It's recommended to create mobile app based content over web based content. This way, the content is easily accessible for your client. 

Modules and diaries are tools which can be used by therapists an clients. Pages is a CMS feature to create re-usable pages that can be used in different topics. Click the different items to read more about them. 

Web based content

With these types you can create content that can be used in the Minddistrict web platform by clients. The content will NOT be available on the Minddistrict app for clients!

In general we can say that a document is a building block to fill a template. This can be every template type. A template holds one or more documents. A document holds the actual content. 

This is a summery of the different template types:

Treatment and training

With these two templates you can create modules. A treatment template is used for guided modules. A training template for unguided modules. 


Screening templates are used to create questionnaires. There a three different screening templates. They determine how a screening can be offered to the client.


ROM templates (also called monitoring) are used to create questionnaires that use a time schedule for more than 1 measurement. The ROM entry template determines the documents that should be presented to the client. The ROM planning determines the time schedule of the monitoring.