Releasing a new diary

When your diary is really (and we mean really really) ready for use, and you have committed all changes you can release your diary in the CMS. You can do this by clicking on the release-button under the tab 'version control'. You are asked to write a release message here. If this is the first release of your diary we advise you to write a message like this. Start with the sentence 'This is the first version of the *** diary.' And then follow with a short description of the diary. This is important, because the release message is shown to the therapist and clients in the platform. 

Releasing an update of your diary

When you have made changes to your diary and you are ready to release a new version of your diary the release message is a little different. We advise to write a message explaining all substantive changes in a language understandable to the therapist. The image shows you an example of a message about substantive changes, and how this message is presented in the platform. If there are only non-substantive changes made like spelling fixes we advise to write a message like this:

The new version of this diary contains some non-substantive changes. The changes can be layout enhancements, spelling and grammar corrections and/or technical updates.