Once you have created content in the CMS, it is useful to see how the content looks from the client perspective. You can therefore create a test client within the content environment and assign a diary or module to the client. The nice thing is that your freshly created diary or module does not yet need to be committed/released/published within this content environment. This allows you to quickly check what your content really looks like. 

You create a test client by clicking on the 'Clients' tab. Then click '+ Add client'. Once the account has been created, you can choose 'Module' or 'Diary' in the left-hand menu and assign the content to the client. If you then look at 'details' of the client, you will see a big orange button with 'User switch'. If you click that, you switch to the client's account and see the module from the client's perspective.

Note! To be able to create a client account, you must have the role of therapist, in addition to your editor and release manager role. Don't have this role yet? Then request it from your organisation's application manager. He/she can assign you this role.

Add your client via the 'client' tab

The orange 'User Switch' button to see module from client's perspective

Assign content in parallel or sequentially

Be sure to assign the module or diary in a 'new module list' rather than adding it to an existing list. By placing it in a new module list, you will see the module directly on the client's homepage. We call this parallel module assignment. If you add it to a list, the module is assigned sequentially and you only see it when you as a client, have completed the previous module.

Want to learn exactly how to assign a module in parallel or sequentially?

Click here, scroll down and look at the section 'a second module; parallel or sequential?'.(Opent in nieuwe venster)