Help, I'm stuck! If you have any questions, do not hesitate and ask the Minddistrict service desk. If the code gives an error, will not save or refuses, always check the following steps:

  1. Have you forgotten a comma?
  2. Are the brackets in the right places? Or have you forgotten brackets?
  3. Is there a point somewhere that is not there?
  4. Have you closed all lines with a semicolon?

Because no matter how frustrating it can be, the computer is always right. There will be a human error somewhere.


Do you want to learn more about computations?

That is amazing! The following resources can help you with this. Good luck with your computation skills!

Copy and paste your code here to check for errors.

To make your javascript even more beautiful and easier to read.

Learn more about writing code in an easy-to-use, interactive online course.

To easily edit and save code, use a program as Atom and set the language to 'javascript' (in the bottom right corner).