What is a ROM?

With a template ROM you can create a monitoring. A template ROM can be assigned as a monitoring by a therapist in the Minddistrict application. Within a template ROM you - as an editor - can define the order of measurements and how they are scheduled. Be aware that this is just a template. Therapists are able to make changes in the monitoring in order to tailor it according to the client's needs. 

There are 2 types of ROM templates:

Template ROM entry

The template ROM entry is a template that holds together 1 or more documents. These documents together form a measurement. You fill these documents with a questionnaire. 

Template ROM planning

The template ROM entry is a template that defines that planning of a monitoring. In this template you - as an editor - define which measurements (Template ROM entry) are scheduled and how often. 

You always need to combine a template ROM entry with a template ROM planning to make a proper monitoring. 

Monitorings that are made as a template ROM are web-based. This means clients can only make these module in the Minddistrict web-application and NOT in de Minddistrict App.

How to create a template ROM

A full instruction on how to build a template ROM is available in your CMS. 

Search for Minddistrict Content - How can I make great online content? in your CMS (do not forget to uncheck all status filters).

Important! Editing a monitoring requires specific knowledge and skills. In order to have proper content you need to follow guidelines. Therefore we strongly advise you to follow a Minddistrict CMS training if you want to build content that is document-based. Please contact your Minddistrict account manager for more information.