What is a template training?

With a template training you can create a training module. The template holds together the sessions (documents) that together make a training module. A training module is like a regular module but without guidance (feedback moments) from the therapist. 

A template training can be assigned as a training by a therapist in the Minddistrict application. Training modules can also be made available in the self-help catalogue for clients so they can start these training themselves. 

Training modules that are made as a template training are web-based. This means clients can only make these trainings in the Minddistrict web-application and NOT in de Minddistrict App. Do you want to make a training that is suitable for the mobile app? Use a topic instead!

How to create a template training

A full instruction on how to build template treatments is available in your CMS. 

Search for Minddistrict Content - How can I make great online content? in your CMS (do not forget to uncheck all status filters).

Important! Editing documents requires specific knowledge and skills. In order to have proper content you need to follow guidelines. Therefore we strongly advise you to follow a Minddistrict CMS training if you want to build content that are document-based. Please contact your Minddistrict account manager for more information.