This is how you create a diary in the CMS:

  1. Log in and click on the tab 'Catalogue'.
  2. Click '+Create'.
  3. Select 'Diary' from the dropdown menu.
  4. Choose your title and language.
  5. You now see a first view of your (empty) diary. 

You can start editing now.

How to add questions in a diary

When you have created your diary you can start adding questions. You can add questions when you are in edit mode:

  1. Open your diary
  2. Go to 'Schema' in the menu
  3. Click the green 'Go!' icon to add questions. 

Depending on the field type you can further edit the questions. Read the Diary fields article to read more about this. 

Save your work frequently! the diary editor does not save the work automatically so be aware of this