In the CMS, you can add questions to your content. With this, you motivate the user and it makes the module more interactive. You have several questions:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Closed questions
  • Open questions
  • Slider questions
  • Input field questions

Multiple choice questions and closed questions

You can add a multiple-choice question by going into editor mode, and clicking on the '+' and then on the check mark. Here you can choose 'multiple answers possible' or 'Only one answer possible'. You can then enter your question and add as many answers as you like.

Open questions

Just like a multiple-choice question, you can add an open-ended question by clicking on the '+' when in editor mode. Then click on the square with the pen.  Here you can enter an open question. You may want to give some examples of what the client might write down in the writing field. This can help give the client inspiration. The nice thing about this text is that it disappears as soon as the client starts typing an answer himself. As a result, the text is not disruptive to the client's flow.

Slider question or input field question

You can select the slider or input field question by clicking on '23' in the menu under '+'. You can then choose between 'slider' and 'input field'.

Slider question

With a slider question, also called a scale question, the user can click on a line running from value 0 to (say) 100 to what extent a statement applies to him/her. You can choose the values of the range yourself.

Input field question

An input field question works pretty much the same as a slider question, except that the user has to type in a number instead of clicking on a slider.