Optional sections makes it possible for clients to personalize their personal route. By choosing one or more options out of a provided list, they choose what to continue with next and won't have to work through pages that aren't relevant or suiting to them.

How to create optional sections

In edit mode, you will see an 'optional section' icon at the bottom of each chapter.

After selecting the icon, an additional 'optional section edit screen' will appear. You can recognize it by it's blue background. In this screen you can add and edit options and edit the optional section index page.

Adding (content to) options

You can add new options by selecting the '+ option' button. Each option can be filled with different types of content:

  • Reusable pages (by using the 'reusable pages' icon)
  • Custom content (by adding and editing pages the same way you would in the 'normal' editor)
  • A combination of both
  • Milestones

The option-titles are not editable here, they can only be changed at the optional section index page.

Editing the optional section index page

To edit the optional section index page, select the button at the top of the edit screen. The text on this button will automatically adapt to the current title of the optional section. Before ever changing it, it will say "Optional section".

On the optional section index page you can now:

  • Adjust the title of the optional section
  • Add an introduction text

In the introduction text, make sure to point out that the client can choose how to continue and add a call to action. For example: "there are several relaxation exercises you can choose from. Pick one that suits you and try it out!".

For each added option you can:

  • Add a title
  • Add a subtitle with a brief clarification of the option

A subtitle should always be added. Make sure it clearly explains what the option entails, and try to make it active. For example: "do.../read about.../ga aan de slag met..." instead of "information about.../exercise on...). End the subtitle with a dot. Also: be aware that the textline does not expand as you add text. If your text is too long, it will be cut off.

Final check in view mode

When you're done editing your optional section, always do a double check in view mode. That way you'll spot issues, such as long texts being cut off. In view mode, you will not be able to actually click on the options and view their content. To do this, go back to edit mode or add the content to a test client and view it with the user switch.