The submission/reflection moment is a block of content marking the moment where end users can review their answers.There is a slight difference between a submission moment and a reflection moment.

  • A submission moment: If the end user is working in a module with feedback, the block will be an orange colour. After reviewing the answers, the end user sends them to the therapist, hence the name 'submission moment'.
  • A reflection moment: When you are working in a module without feedback, the block has a blue colour and after reviewing the answers, the end user can confirm and continue with the rest of the personal route, hence the name 'reflection moment'.

The submission moment is added by clicking on the orange icon with the image of a paper airplane at the bottom of the left menu. As a CMS editor, you decide in which chapters you want to add a submission moment. When a module is activated without feedback, the block will automatically turn into a blue 'reflection moment'.

1 = submission moment; 2 = reflection moment