No one is the same and therefore, the road to change is different for everyone. Two people with the same diagnosis or complaint may experience their symptoms completely differently. Or the way one deals with their issues may vary from person to person. Minddistrict believes that care has the biggest effect when it ties in with someone’s personal needs. That is why we strive to make our interventions adaptable to the individual through personal routes. A personal route is an intervention that can be tailored to the individual, adapting the care to a person's motivation, the nature of the symptoms and the severity of the complaints.

As within any innovative product, our vision of the product goes beyond what is actually developed at this point in time. For instance, it is not yet possible to tailor treatments in as much detail as is described above. By writing the above, we aim to prepare you as much as possible for the way in which the platform will work in the near future. 

Minddistrict offers a catalogue with ready-to-use personal route modules. But it is also very easy to create your own Minddistrict modules. Completely tailored to the needs of your clients or patients.